Hey, it’s not all about Scott, eCommerce and cute but foul smelling ferrets!  There’s lots more to explore here on his website.  Be sure to stop by and check out these other sections you may have missed!

Current Projects – Curious as to what Scott’s up to?  Check out this page for the latest projects he’s involved in and maybe you’ll get a little excited!  Not much, just a little.  Too much excitement isn’t good for anyone.

Dining Out – Scott didn’t gain all that weight eating his vegetables and drinking only water.  As a frequent diner, Scott hits up some of the best – and worst – restaurants in Northeast Pennsylvania and South Florida.  When he encounters a really good one, or one worth avoiding, he puts down the martini, snaps a few photos and takes notes.  Check out his restaurant reviews and look for him at a happy hour near you.

Links of Interest – Every now and then Scott encounters a site worthy enough to be talked about and shared with his followers.  Don’t worry, they’re work friendly – at least last time we checked – and may be of interest to you.  Check them out and if you have one you’d like to share, be sure to add it to the comments on the link page.



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