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If you’re in Highland Beach, FL and are looking for a bite to eat, your choices are going to be pretty limited. This small town, less than 3 miles long, is home to two commercial establishments. A Holiday Inn hotel and a real estate office, both of which are in the same building.

The restaurant inside the Holiday Inn, Latitudes Ocean Grill, has been a favorite of locals and one that I was told to check out.

On my recent Saturday night visit, the place was packed and parking was at a premium. A wedding and another social function was going on in addition to a full house in the restaurant and a packed bar.

We waited only a few minutes to be seated at one of two available tables in the dining room. One of the best features of this restaurant is the view – the entire dining room looks out over the beach and provides for spectacular views. If you can score a table by the windows, consider yourself very lucky.

Our waiter arrived, took our drink order and left some flatbread and sweet bread to nibble on while we were perusing the menu.

The menu is not what I would consider a true dinner menu, as it included many items that you would see on a lunch menu such as wraps and sandwiches. Entree choices included a steak, pork chop, chicken and some seafood.

Drinks arrived quickly and we placed our order. My companion chose a grilled chicken caesar salad and I decided to try the french onion soup and the ribeye steak.

Music from the live entertainment in the bar flowed into the restaurant and made conversation pretty difficult.

My french onion arrived and I found it to be lacking any flavor. When my companion asked what I thought, I remember remarking that it tastes like dishwater soup. Very watered down, none of that rich, hearty onion flavor one would expect was present.

I was expecting a house salad which was to come with my meal to arrive next, however entrees were delivered instead. I didn’t bother to ask where the salad was, as the steak looked too inviting.

The ribeye was served off-the-bone, cooked medium rare as requested and featured a nice charcoal grilled taste and was seasoned well. It was accompanied by onion straws, which I tend to hate, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli spears. The steak was well marbled and flavored and the sides were good. Overall, my dinner choice was a winner with me.

My companion’s grilled chicken caesar salad was presented with caesar dressing on the side. One taste of the dressing and it was sent back for a balsamic vinaigrette. The caesar was not homemade was not a good tasting choice. She was much happier with the alternate dressing and ended taking half her salad home, as it was a very large portion.

Service was good throughout the meal and prices were reasonable. Overall we had a good dining experience and would try Latitudes again on a less busy evening or maybe even for lunch. If anything, dining here is worth the view!

Latitudes Ocean Grill is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a Sunday brunch.


Chicken Caesar Salad from Latitudes, Highland Beach FL


Ribeye from Latitudes, Highland Beach FL


French Onion Soup from Latitudes, Highland Beach FL


Seafood Fradiavlo from Latitudes, Highland Beach FL


Pork Chop from Latitudes, Highland Beach FL

Holiday Inn
2809 South Ocean Blvd.
Highland Beach, FL 33487

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