Ta-boo Restaurant, Palm Beach FL

Ok, so this one is going to be pretty biased as Ta-boo is one of my absolute favorite places in South Florida.  It gets that coveted title for a few reasons: 1) things never change, it’s always consistent, 2) it has to be one of the best bars around with bar tenders who are just as much part of the Ta-boo legacy as the restaurant itself, and 3) you never know who you’re going to see walk in the door – it could be Rod Steward, Regis Philbin, a man dressed as a woman or any one of Palm Beach’s cast of crazy characters.

So lets take each one of those separately.

Consistency.  There is nothing more important to a restaurant’s success than consistency of the food they serve.  At Ta-boo, the quality and preparation of the food is all consistent – and consistently good.  Whether you’re in the mood for a Ta-boo Cheeseburger (which is one of the best I’ve ever had) or something more substantial like a huge bone-in veal chop, NY strip steak, or a fresh cut of Chilean Sea Bass you’re going to get a great meal.  Ask to sub out one of the side dishes for some of Ta-boo’s au-gratin potatoes – they’re awesome.  My top recommendations include the shrimp cocktail, sea bass, pork chop, burger or one of their thin crust pizzas.

The Bar. Hands-down, the best bar in Palm Beach staffed by some of the best bartenders in the business.  Bobby, who some say came with the original bricks, has been serving up drinks and making the ladies swoon for a countless number of years and the following he has shows.  All the bartenders know you by name, know what you drink and often can whip you up something off-the-cuff based on your likes and dislikes.  The bar is also the place to be during Happy Hour from 5 – 7 where they offer great drink prices and a special bar menu with crazy low prices on some great appetizers.

The People.  On a busy night expect to see someone you may recognize.  Whether it’s island resident Rod Steward dining with his family, Rush Limbaugh hiding from the Democrats in the back dining room or visiting politicians and town residents with enough money to clear the national debt, Ta-boo is great for people watching.  I once beat out a not-too-happy Regis Philbin and wife Joy for a seat at the packed bar on Valentine’s Day.  Next time make a reservation Regis!  I normally can be found at the bar at least twice a week and I always end up having an interesting conversation with someone.

Ta-boo is a must visit spot and a great place to take out of town guests who want to experience Worth Avenue and the island of Palm Beach.


Tomato & Mozzarella Salad from Taboo, Palm Beach FL


Pork Chop w/ Soy Ginger Glaze from Taboo, Palm Beach FL


Chicken Soup from Taboo, Palm Beach FL


Pork Chop w/ Soy Ginger Glaze from Taboo, Palm Beach FL


Chopped Steak from Taboo, Palm Beach FL


MushroomBruschetta from Taboo, Palm Beach FL


Burger from Taboo, Palm Beach FL


Burger & Fries fromTaboo, PalmBeach FL

Ta-boo Restaurant
221 Worth Ave
Palm Beach, FL 33480


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