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A word from Scott: Everyone has a “links” page. So what makes mine so special? Absolutely nothing. However, in the interest of keeping with tradition, I’ve compiled a list of sites that I think you may be interested in visiting. Or not.

Feel free to add your comments and if you think you have a site that is links-page-worthy, please give me a shout, I just may add it!

Featured Websites
Why featured websites?  Oh, why not?
These are ones that deserve a little explanation rather than just a text link.

Joe Palko’s Blog – Joe and I started one of the first eCommerce stores in 1994 and went on to create the eCommerce design powerhouse, Solid Cactus, in 2001.  We’re no longer selling cute hats for smelly ferrets, we sold and dozens of other pet supply websites in 2006 to Drs. Foster & Smith.  Solid Cactus continues to grow and provide eCommerce store programming and design services to small and medium size businesses as well as Internet marketing and call center services.  While no longer under our leadership, we sold it to [NASDAQ:WWWW] in 2009, I remain on the payroll while Joe has moved on to be the Chief Marketing Officer at 3dCart in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Joe doesn’t blog as frequently as I do, however when he does it’s usually a political rant based on the unique slant he has on politics, the economy, banks, bankers, greedy people and the angst he shares for the world at large.  His unique and slightly off center commentary always makes me scratch my head and say, “wow” among other things.  But that’s what makes Joe, Joe.  Check it out and see if you agree with me.

NEPA Blogs – Having been born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA in case you don’t know), I like to keep up with the goings-on around the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area even though I now live 1,053 miles south in Delray Beach, FL.  A great place to keep up with the local flavor is NEPA Blogs which bills itself as a “clearinghouse” for blogs about NEPA or people from hard coal country.  Let’s not beat around the bush here, fellow NEPA-ites know we have a different perspective on the world around us.  In fact, we have our own vocabulary – Heybabonics.  Yeah, go ahead and click that link and you’ll see what it’s all about.

If you want a taste of life in NEPA go ahead and give the site a visit, there’s a lot of good blogs in there – including mine believe it or not.  They also take one blog per week and head over to the local NBC affiliate, WBRE-TV and do a segment on the afternoon news show PA Live.  I actually had my 3.25 minutes of fame when my blog was featured.  Go figure!

NEPA Pizza Review – Got to throw in another NEPA site here and it’s for good reason.  I bet you didn’t know that right here in the middle of nowhere there’s a town called Old Forge which bills itself as the “Pizza Capital of the World.”  Now being a NEPA native, I shouldn’t really dispute that self proclaimed title, but out of all the places in “the world” the pizza capital is Old Forge?  What about Naples, Rome, Florence?  Oh well, I’m not going to burst anyone’s bubble or dispute the title, I’ll just roll with it.

Anyway, Old Forge boasts more pizza joints per square mile than nearby Edwardsville where there are more bars per square mile than churches.  Pizza in this town isn’t served round.  It’s square.  You don’t order a pie, you order a tray.  The crust is thick and light and the cheese can be anything from (god forbid) American to Mozzarella or a mixture of a whole bunch of secret thingies.  NEPA Pizza Review does the footwork and hits the pizza joints in Old Forge and surrounding areas and tells us to either “try it” or “skip it.”  So if you want a slice of NEPA, check it out.

Sites Worthy of Checking Out
Some are good.  Some are bad.  Some probably don’t belong here.  But who cares. 

Neeps Web Directory – you can add a link to your own website in this free directory.

Jeff Eats – a south Florida lawyer turned amateur food critic who sometimes gives dives better reviews than I ever would.

Your Store Forums – if you’re a Yahoo! Store owner, this is the forum to talk about your store, get advice from others and complain about how much you hate Yahoo! Store but will never leave the platform.

Free Press Release Sites – we all know a press release is good for search engine optimization (SEO).  We also know that some people just can’t afford to pay to have a press release sent out via PRNewswire or some of the other paid services.  Mashable has compiled a list of free press release submission services that may or may not work for your needs.

Cruise Critic – do you like to cruise?  On ships, silly!  If you’re thinking about taking your first cruise, are a seasoned cruiser or just a looky-loo fascinated with big boats, long buffet lines and the chance to get seasick, head over to Cruise Critic for ship and line reviews, forums and the occasional flame war over why Carnival sucks more than Royal Caribbean.

Web Economy BS Generator – does your boss want to know what you do all day but you don’t want to tell him, “I just sit here and play SimCity?”  Throw him a line of BS that will throw him off far enough that he’ll never ask you again.  This site will help you find the perfect mumbo-jumbo excuse that’s bound to baffle the biggest micro-manager.

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