"The Ballad of WARMland." Or, "Can There Be Two?"

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Those who live in the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area of northeast Pennsylvania will remember WARM 590 radio. It had a very rich history during its heyday and unfortunately was left hung out to die on its own by its license holder, Citadel Broadcasting.

Dave Yonki, who I happened to work with at WARD AM several years ago, maintains a blog called “590 Forever WARM Radio.” I’m going to have to put a shout out to Dave to see if he can help with this bit of WARM trivia.

While cleaning my office today, I discovered an old 45-LP that I picked up several years back but never played. It’s contains the Ballad of WARMland, a station promotional jingle, on one side and a commercial for the old Stop N Go drive-in restaurants on the other. I became confused as it started to play, as it was not the Ballad of WARMland that I have heard over the years. The one on this record was a PAMS jingle and sung by Terri Lee.

So which is the real Ballad of WARMland?

Here is the one that I’ve always thought was the real one:

Here is the one by Terri Lee:

And if you’re interested in hearing the Stop N Go commercial sung to the same music as the Terri Lee Ballad of WARMland, here it is:

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