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In 2007, Scott set out to launch a magazine designed to provide practical eCommerce advice to online store owners.  Drawing upon his knowledge and the talent of the 100+ eCommerce experts at his company, Solid Cactus, he launched the monthly print magazine eBiz Insider.  Each edition went out to over 15,000 eCommerce store owners around the United States for free.

The publication continued after Solid Cactus was sold to Web.com in 2009.  Web.com changed the publication schedule to bi-monthly and eventually discontinued print publication a year later in an attempt to make the magazine available in digital format only.

Readers did not adapt to the digital format and online readership plummeted with each electronic edition.  Despite pleas from readers to bring back the print edition, eBiz Insider was pronounced dead shortly after the launch of the ill-fated digital edition.

Here is a complete collection of all eBiz Insider editions that readers looked forward to each month with advice to help grow their business.




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