“Setting Sail on the World’s First Smart Ship – Quantum of the Seas.” Or, “Will A Billion Dollar Cruise Ship Impress?”

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Scott Sanfilippo No Comments
Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas

By now you’ve probably seen the stories on the news about Royal Caribbean‘s newest ship, Quantum of the Seas. It cost nearly one billion dollars to build and is being called the world’s first “smart ship.” What makes it smart, who knows… but I do know it’s full of gadgetry and “wows” that marketing folks […]

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“Ted Who?” Or, “Making a Fortune One Medicine Show at a Time.”

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The other day I was copied on a group email where the sender was passing along a video of someone or something named “Ted.” Since it was (Throwback) Thursday, I thought a frequent-flyer friend was sharing a video of United Airlines failed attempt at creating a low-cost, spinoff airline back in 2004. Then I thought […]

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“Curbing the Cord-Klepto.” Or, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

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I first met Mary and Dan Schlenger from OVitaminPro.com back in 2007. They were customers of mine for a few years, but I never got to physically shake hands with them until they attended one of my eCommerce Boot Camps. They made the trek from Nevada to Pennsylvania to spend three days learning ways to […]

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“Senseless Acts of Animal Murder.” Or, “It’s Time for a Call to Action.”

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Mother bear and three cubs who who killed at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Internaitonal Airport. Photo credit: WBRE TV

For the second time this week, I’m sitting here shaking my head at two news stories about the unwarranted killing of animals – one for sport, one disguised under the cloak of safety. Both of which have no consequences. The first comes from my home state, Florida, where two men, Keith Kelley and Kelly Sziy, […]

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“Keeping Customers Coming Back = Keeping the Lights On.” Or, “An Hour with the eCommerce Experts.”

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On Tuesday I had the pleasure of being a guest on Shawna Seigel’s eCom Experts talk show. Now throw me in front of a microphone and I’ll babble on about just about anything, but instead of talking about how many olives I prefer in my Martini, we discussed my third favorite topic – eCommerce. I’ll […]

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“Podcast?” Or, “Who Wants to Listen to Me!”

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Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.06.33 PM

Yeah, it’s been a bit since I’ve sat back and written a piece for my blog. I certainly hope you’ve missed me! But something tells me you haven’t. As Shakespeare, or someone like that once said, “you’ll miss me when I’m gone.” Over the past few weeks I’ve developed something that has been causing a […]

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“Cruise Director Scott?” Or, “What to Wear (or not) to a Job Interview.”

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The other day, a friend of mine had a job interview and he was worried about what he was going to wear. “Wear what you’re comfortable wearing,” was my word of advice. Not sure if he took it or not. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never made a hiring decision based on […]

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“The Worst Table in the House.” Or, “How to Turn me Into a Difficult Customer.”

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Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.32.14 PM

Every restaurant has one. Some have more than one. But no matter how many they have, they all suck when you manage to get one. I’m not talking about the server who sees your empty martini glass but doesn’t have the foresight to bring you another, or the hostess who leaves you standing at the […]

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“What Did We Do Before Google?” Or, “Thoughts on SEO and PR Firms.”

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Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.52.27 PM

As web surfers, how many times a day do you click over to your favorite search engine and type in a question to find the answer to something you’re looking for? I pondered that for a moment after having one of those moments when I asked myself philosophically, “what did we do before Google?” I […]

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“The Potential Customer.” Or, “Why Customer Service Takes a Special Breed.”

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man pulls all his hair out

Every now and then I run into that one person who manages to push me over the limit of mental stability. Usually it’s a friend who is keen enough to know what strikes a nerve, and like a sadistic dentist, digs at the root until I politely tell him or her to go sodomize themselves […]

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